Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Blob

this is the moment
I have been waiting for
what I look forward to
every year

a series of various emotions
fill me
as I approach this event
a tinge of, what is this?
or rather, a sense of the unpredicted
it is not an exageration to say
that you can never determine
the results beforehand

this is not climbing Mount Everest
or seeing ancient pyramids
visiting Easter Island
nor is iot meeting the President himself
no no
this is something much much better

a tri-colored float
in the center
of a spring
of blue
and red
it provides so much entertainment

as I wait in line
I wonder how high I will go
my blobber seems to be
big enough
I determine that
I will go v-e-r-y high

you see, it's more than weight
it's your form
as a blobber
you can be light
but still have good form
and blob people very high
if you have both mass and good form...
you have the best of both worlds

after waiting what seemed
like a lifetime
I reach the front
of the line
I take my place
at the diving board
and leap

I see the dock
people watching from the sidelines
as I soar through the air
the feeling is exhilarating
I could stay up here forever
when I land
and feel the sharp sting
of the cold spring water

I come up for air
moments later
ready for my next flight