Thursday, April 26, 2007

Things You Should Never Do To Yourself

a click
an orange glow
briefly illuminating a face
taking a puff
of grey cancerous smoke

a flickering neon sign
the sound of a door chime
beckon you inside
where a different kind of artist
uses the human body
as his canvas
with needle and ink

the noise of the city
seems far away
in this upscale clinic
where people come in
with one face
and out with another

a note of regret falls to the ground
a life ends
just like that

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rain Boots

When the sky grows dark
and pours out its tears,
the wind blows
and clouds form
the time comes for
me to find a
way to cure my
bad weather blues
so I run
to my closet
and get my
shiny pair of

The second I lay my
eyes on them
I can feel them
just aching to
frollick and splash
in some puddles

Rain or shine
smile or frown
up or down
they're my
puddle splashing
cloud fighting
rain frollicking
constant companions