Monday, March 19, 2007

The Great Debate: School Uniforms

I believe that uniforms stifle and trample upon one's individuality. I speak from personal experience, attending a school with a dress code. Yes, it does take away a form of peer pressure. But really, what more can a school administration take away from us? Already, we cannot wear the clothes we want to wear, but stripping away our freedom in selection of shoes, socks, accessories, even nail color? I believe that these things would not be a distraction for students, but a device that would help them. Students would not be so uptight and stressed in starched and ironed clothes, but comfortable in their own skin, in clothes they've chosen. It would also take a load off of the administration. Without uniforms, school administrators would not have to stress about rebellious students getting out of line with the dress code. Teenagers are at a critical time in their lives. We are just trying to find ourselves. Uniforms put a stopper on our quest to find individuality. Fashion is one of the essential ways human beings express themselves. I understand that uniforms stop (or attempt to) peer pressure and immodest dress, but those things occur even with uniforms. Some of it is inescapable. Peer pressure can and will occur anywhere, at any time, with anything. Uniforms may have their "blessings", however, I fail to see them.

What do you think? Are you pro-uniform?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Best Invention Ever!

It has been called the defining invention of the twenty first century. It enables us to take our entire music library wherever we go. Its design is impeccable, its durability and quality beyond excellence. Ladies and Gents... please welcome... THE IPOD!!!


The Fragrant aroma of coffee and other beverages being brewed and concocted greet me as I open the door. When that wonderful scent enters your nose, you begin to feel the energy. Maybe it is because everyone in this place is drinking caffeine, making caffeine, or desperate to get caffeine. Even so... As I bend down over a container of beans I am transported back to my house. Two, maybe three Christmases ago, my parents stayed up late to win an auction for an espresso machine on eBay. Upon its arrival at our house, my parents made latees nearly every morning with Peet's house blend. Coffee is what my family loves and one of the ways we love others. Odd how sucha musky scent is like a time machine. Every time I fill my lungs with that wonderful, that delicious fragrance of coffee, hot water, and boiling milk all on the soundtrack of a grinder, I feel comfort. It is familiar to me. This smell doesn't represent a beverage you just splurged on, quite the contrary. It represents the economy of many countries, and a way to bond with others, even if it's just in a crammedkitchen in DeLand Florida, where no illustrious coffee place will ever grace its streets.